Monday, August 11, 2008


For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord; Plans to prosper you, not harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. Jer. 29:11

I painted this window rather amaturish a couple years ago and hung outside the Master Bedroom window. Since the rest of that area was never too appealing, I didnt really enjoy it as I had planned. This weekend, while admiring the process of the garden, I realized this verse, which was the first one that ever spoke to me personally, applies to my garden too. How appropriate.

This weekend we poured out small bark on the path. I wasnt sure what to expect but am rather pleased at how it turned out. Also, more plants were added. Between the surviving Gardenia, 2 small ornamental Pepper plants were placed. At the front left side of the garden, I rescued a Jasmine Vine that was dwindling in the farthest north-east side of the yard. I am praying for life to come back to this vine, for a very scented garden.

Also added to the garden is a Canna Lilly. I fell in love with this plant at the nursery and have been admiring them everywhere I go. Dragging poor Scott back this weekend, was the highlight of my garden finds. Several more small flower plants were placed along the border.

The little rose bush has produced another bud. This is the most it has had in one season ever!

And finally, this will give you the laugh of the day.... Proof that this is MY garden, worked with own hands. Or should I say FEET!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


After no success with the replanted Ivy or ground covering, I splurged and bought some more plants. There are now 2 Mexican Heather which is considered a shrub. After buying I went on line to research and found this: "Mexican heather looks dainty and delicate, but this sturdy little shrub is actually tough as nails. It grows in densely branched, two-foot-tall mounds of slender stems clad in masses of small, oblong to lance-shaped, bright green leaves that are evergreen in frost-free areas. Clusters of tiny flowers—usually in shades of purple, but sometimes in pink or white—bloom all along the stems from spring to fall, or even year-round in mild climates" And even more promising: "Compact, long-blooming and practically problem-free, Mexican heather is truly a treasure for busy gardeners, especially in the hot, humid conditions that can quickly stress fussier flowers." Perfect for this impatient gardner.

The other plants is a HOSTA aka 'Golden Tiara'. For those of you who know me, I LOVE Tiara's and own a couple. The outer leaves are oval to heart shaped, while the inner ones are heart shaped to almost round. Researching this one I found "It literally grows like wildfire (although it doesn't spread like wildfire)." Once again....Promising.

I have decided to go on faith and start adding decorations to the garden. Her is a frog that wiggles with the wind. It is part of my FROG PRINCE collection.

Monday, August 4, 2008


One of our dreams came true. We finally got a fountain for the back yard. I am just thrilled. And it has the Pineapple I wanted. I got a great deal on this, so it stays within my frugalness. It was placed right outside the porch Scott built outside the french doors. It creates a serene setting in the dining room if the doors remain open. We dined on the patio thisweekend and it was so relaxing. I am looking forward to enjoying some wine and appetizers while just chilling down from a rough week.

The sad Gardenia plant is slowly coming back to life. Scott pruned off all the dead branches and leaves. I pulled it up and planted it deeper to spread out the roots. Lets see what happens now.

Corrie girl is going crazy. Just in the last 4 days her blooms have come up bright like the sun. I hope this is a sign of how her days are going in Italy. We pray for Corrie's language studies and ask God to continue to bless her with the Italian language understanding.