Saturday, July 3, 2010

Attack of the GIANT ZUCCHINI!

This is our Zucchini plant. It has grown HUGE. I am so glad we planted it apart from everything else. It was actually a "lets take a chance on this" afterthought planting. And it has turned out, so far, to be the best growing. Hmm, maybe we have discovered a new spot for the rest of our garden. One day, I asked DH to see if there were any zucchini ready to be picked for our dinner the next night. His response was... "yes there is". Not' Oh man, you should see the size of those babies!" or "Uh, no, not zucchini, but maybe alian pods!", or even "Sure there are, but you should check out the size of them." No, instead I think we have a few small zucchini's for dinner. The next night, I pull aside a couple leaves to pluck a few babies, and I fell back on my behind. HUGE HUGE HUGE Zucchini's. And not just one, but about 5, and more starting. No idea THAT would happen. What do I do what that much zucchini? Well, the neighbors are enjoying it, and I am coming up with a lot of recipe's to use them in...LOL
The other plant that is producing nicely is the Serrano. The one pictured below is actually left over from last year. And we planted another, in case the first didnt fruit. Now if only our tomatoes will start ripening, so we can make our Salsa!

The strawberry plant started slow, and has produced a few small bitesize berries, but it is also sending out shoots, so I am hoping for a nice crop a little later in the season. If the birds or bugs dont beat us to them.

We planted red and yellow bell peppers. So far this is the only pepper to come to life. It is almost completly yellow, but not very big. I am optimistic still.

The little cucumber plant, was planted the same time as the Zucchini. It is being shaded by the Zucchini and growing slowly. But I see some flowers popping out, so I hope the Cuc's follow suit!

This is a watermelon plant. It is another "What the heck, lets try it for $1.99" planting. It is close to the Zuc and Cuc. I am not a big fruit fan, not that I dont like it, I just dont crave it, but am willing to enjoy it, if it just pops up in my yard. No work required.

And last but not least, the "pretty much finished" pond. DH would still like to bring in a few more rocks, but I am extremly happy with how it looks right now. The lillies are shooting up pretty white and yellow flowers, the 2 hibiscus we planted add a pretty touch of color on both sides of the back of the pond. The palms that bookend each side of the water fall are filling out beautifully. Unfortunatly, the Canna Lilly is cut out of the lower left side of the picture. It really draws the eyes to the pond, when you enter the back yard.
The greatest enjoyment of the pond is watching a couple birds dive and dance over it. They must be catching bugs mid-air, as they will fly over, and made a quick turn mid-flight, almost looking as if they stopped flying and started to fall. It is very relaxing to sit with a mojito in hand and enjoy the sound and sites of our oasis. Exactly what I dreamed of.