Saturday, April 3, 2010

Springtime planting

Updates first: Remember the Mexican Heather I planted around the log last year? It has gone CRAZY! Look how filled in it is? And this is after I trimmed it back a little. I LOVE how full it is. So Scott agreed he would like to try some around the pond. See below. And the little rose in the garden is sprouting it's once a year bloom. How very pretty!
It feels good to get dirty again in the yard again. Ok, minds out of the gutters, people!

Today I hit Lowes and Home Depot and bought this years veggie garden. Scott has been composting the garden pits this winter, so he is hoping this will be our best crop yet.

Below is 6 Jalepeno plants, 1 Serrano, 1 Habanero, 2 Yellow Bells, 1 Red Bell, and it looks like we have a pepper plant left over from last year, but cannot recall which one it is. It has little green peppers starting to pop out right now. It will be a pleasant surprise we are sure! Below is our 4 Early Girl tomato's, 2 Roma tomato's (those are EXPENSIVE this year!), Basil and Cilantro. We are ready for our summer salsa and pesto!
Scott went on the hunt for rocks all week, and worked all day today laying them out around the pond. He is going to be super sore tomorrow.

This is a little hidden surprise. I planted some more of the Mexican Heather, as it did so well in my first garden.

On the far side of the pond a decorative grass (seen on Right side) was planted and last weekend we planted a new Hibiscus bush (seen on left side)

We now have the waterfall bookended with 2 Pigmy date palms that seem to love the spot. Along with Pompus grass ruling over the head of the waterfall. Just to the right of the falls is another Hibiscus bush.

We have had a heck of a time keeping any grass growing in the back half of the yard. It looks green, but that is all weeds! UGH! Then when we pull them all, we have a bunch of dirt that gets tracked in with Sasha's paws, and Scott's treadbottom boots. Little dirt turds all over the dining room and office. AAACCKK! So today I came up with the idea of making paths. And leaving the green weeds inside the paths. The places that the weeds were pulled, I turned up the dirt and am going to try to come up with some plantings to make little gardens. I would LOVE LOVE to have some mounds, but have to learn how to keep the water from just running down and making mucky ditches around it. Dad, any idea's? After pulling up all the weeds, I am sure I will be as sore as Scott tomorrow.

Do I hear the spa calling?
Stay Tuned!