Sunday, August 8, 2010


Starting out in the shade, I created another border (right) in the yard. This replaces the Mulberry Branch borders I had started with, just to get an idea of what we could do. Behind the little log stump is a Watermelon plant that seems to be starting well. In front of the loop was a parsley plant, that bloomed before I got a chance to use it, and now it sort of "twiggy". But I uplifted and moved it closer to the inside of the loop. Since there was a huge empty space, and this being mostly shaded, I decided to replant a pup from our Sago. So DH went out front and shoveled out two pups from our male Sago and I planted them in front of this stump. Now we will see what happens. I wanted to add more color to the pond, and always love the look of little color hiding under taller plants. So I am taking a chance with Caladium (pink). I know I said I hate to plant annuals, because they just die, but for $2.18 each, I thought "What the heck?!" Another was planted under the palm on the mirror side of the water fall.
My aunt took me shopping for another addition to the yard. So we picked out this beautiful Philodendron. Not finding a place around the pond, we decided to plant on the corner of our spa sanctuary. Can't wait to see what transpires.

Home Depot had a ton of Canalily's marked down to $1.25!!! WHAT??!!! My husband put a limit on me, and I was only allowed to buy 4 more. This after we bought 4 of them for $6 each a couple weeks ago. We were not sure where we were going to put them, but for that price, I would FIND A PLACE! So, one ended up on the other corner of our sanctuary.
Another ended up behind the pond, between a palm and zebra grass. Adding more color along the back fence. Another was placed behind the big Tree of Heaven.
Our next plan is to locate some broken concrete and start adding some stone walkways around the yard. If our backs can handle it.