Saturday, October 8, 2011

Trying to Hide a Tree

There is a huge rootball and roots shooting out from around this Mulberry Tree. Plus the lawn slopes down toward the house at about this level.
So decided to create a visual point.Maybe a little garden box around the tree. We seem to have no problem locating broken concrete, so we started stacking today.

Well, I should say, Scott started stacking and I directed. Really, I did want to help more, but he said there was thinner and thicker peices and I could not tell the difference, so that sort of kicked me out of the placement job.
They are pretty close to sitting height. We will fill the middle in with dirt then put some shade growing plants, probably baby's tears and such. Actually we cheated a bit. Scott had piles of leaves around the yard, so I threw that into the hole for a start :-)

Cant wait to see the progress!