Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gilligan Island?

Keeping Sasha away from that back fence has become quite the challenge and full time project for Scott. Recently we ran across bamboo for free. So it became another attempt.
Welcome to our Gilligan Island Back yard!
It is hard to tell from the photo's but he wove the horizontal stalks in and out of the vertical stalks, so the fence it pretty sturdy.Let's see what Sasha tries with this. I think it adds to the ambiance of our paradise!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


This spot had an assortment of stepping stones, but at a width that was not a comfortable step for short-legged little 'ole me. So I repositioned them and added a few more. Much more pleasing to the eye and short legs. Back in 2008, while Scott was trying to regrow the grass, I placed a path, using Mulberry branches. The path has been evolving ever since. After awhile, we placed decorative bark into the path. Then we removed the branches and started placing stones along the path. Both of these options were driving Scott a little crazy when he tried to mow the yard.

The path is evolving again. I talked Scott into picking up some broken concrete, so I could place about the yard, making a grass and concrete path. My original idea was for around the pond, but then I thought of this idea and figured it would alleviate some of Scott's frustration.

Today I got about 1/2 way through with the path. Using up almost all the concrete we picked up. So back to craigslist to look for some more.

After the original path is completed, I would like to add a path to the spa also. And then plant grass between the stones, for a garden path. I am pretty pleased with the look of it.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Starting out in the shade, I created another border (right) in the yard. This replaces the Mulberry Branch borders I had started with, just to get an idea of what we could do. Behind the little log stump is a Watermelon plant that seems to be starting well. In front of the loop was a parsley plant, that bloomed before I got a chance to use it, and now it sort of "twiggy". But I uplifted and moved it closer to the inside of the loop. Since there was a huge empty space, and this being mostly shaded, I decided to replant a pup from our Sago. So DH went out front and shoveled out two pups from our male Sago and I planted them in front of this stump. Now we will see what happens. I wanted to add more color to the pond, and always love the look of little color hiding under taller plants. So I am taking a chance with Caladium (pink). I know I said I hate to plant annuals, because they just die, but for $2.18 each, I thought "What the heck?!" Another was planted under the palm on the mirror side of the water fall.
My aunt took me shopping for another addition to the yard. So we picked out this beautiful Philodendron. Not finding a place around the pond, we decided to plant on the corner of our spa sanctuary. Can't wait to see what transpires.

Home Depot had a ton of Canalily's marked down to $1.25!!! WHAT??!!! My husband put a limit on me, and I was only allowed to buy 4 more. This after we bought 4 of them for $6 each a couple weeks ago. We were not sure where we were going to put them, but for that price, I would FIND A PLACE! So, one ended up on the other corner of our sanctuary.
Another ended up behind the pond, between a palm and zebra grass. Adding more color along the back fence. Another was placed behind the big Tree of Heaven.
Our next plan is to locate some broken concrete and start adding some stone walkways around the yard. If our backs can handle it.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Attack of the GIANT ZUCCHINI!

This is our Zucchini plant. It has grown HUGE. I am so glad we planted it apart from everything else. It was actually a "lets take a chance on this" afterthought planting. And it has turned out, so far, to be the best growing. Hmm, maybe we have discovered a new spot for the rest of our garden. One day, I asked DH to see if there were any zucchini ready to be picked for our dinner the next night. His response was... "yes there is". Not' Oh man, you should see the size of those babies!" or "Uh, no, not zucchini, but maybe alian pods!", or even "Sure there are, but you should check out the size of them." No, instead I think we have a few small zucchini's for dinner. The next night, I pull aside a couple leaves to pluck a few babies, and I fell back on my behind. HUGE HUGE HUGE Zucchini's. And not just one, but about 5, and more starting. No idea THAT would happen. What do I do what that much zucchini? Well, the neighbors are enjoying it, and I am coming up with a lot of recipe's to use them in...LOL
The other plant that is producing nicely is the Serrano. The one pictured below is actually left over from last year. And we planted another, in case the first didnt fruit. Now if only our tomatoes will start ripening, so we can make our Salsa!

The strawberry plant started slow, and has produced a few small bitesize berries, but it is also sending out shoots, so I am hoping for a nice crop a little later in the season. If the birds or bugs dont beat us to them.

We planted red and yellow bell peppers. So far this is the only pepper to come to life. It is almost completly yellow, but not very big. I am optimistic still.

The little cucumber plant, was planted the same time as the Zucchini. It is being shaded by the Zucchini and growing slowly. But I see some flowers popping out, so I hope the Cuc's follow suit!

This is a watermelon plant. It is another "What the heck, lets try it for $1.99" planting. It is close to the Zuc and Cuc. I am not a big fruit fan, not that I dont like it, I just dont crave it, but am willing to enjoy it, if it just pops up in my yard. No work required.

And last but not least, the "pretty much finished" pond. DH would still like to bring in a few more rocks, but I am extremly happy with how it looks right now. The lillies are shooting up pretty white and yellow flowers, the 2 hibiscus we planted add a pretty touch of color on both sides of the back of the pond. The palms that bookend each side of the water fall are filling out beautifully. Unfortunatly, the Canna Lilly is cut out of the lower left side of the picture. It really draws the eyes to the pond, when you enter the back yard.
The greatest enjoyment of the pond is watching a couple birds dive and dance over it. They must be catching bugs mid-air, as they will fly over, and made a quick turn mid-flight, almost looking as if they stopped flying and started to fall. It is very relaxing to sit with a mojito in hand and enjoy the sound and sites of our oasis. Exactly what I dreamed of.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Springtime planting

Updates first: Remember the Mexican Heather I planted around the log last year? It has gone CRAZY! Look how filled in it is? And this is after I trimmed it back a little. I LOVE how full it is. So Scott agreed he would like to try some around the pond. See below. And the little rose in the garden is sprouting it's once a year bloom. How very pretty!
It feels good to get dirty again in the yard again. Ok, minds out of the gutters, people!

Today I hit Lowes and Home Depot and bought this years veggie garden. Scott has been composting the garden pits this winter, so he is hoping this will be our best crop yet.

Below is 6 Jalepeno plants, 1 Serrano, 1 Habanero, 2 Yellow Bells, 1 Red Bell, and it looks like we have a pepper plant left over from last year, but cannot recall which one it is. It has little green peppers starting to pop out right now. It will be a pleasant surprise we are sure! Below is our 4 Early Girl tomato's, 2 Roma tomato's (those are EXPENSIVE this year!), Basil and Cilantro. We are ready for our summer salsa and pesto!
Scott went on the hunt for rocks all week, and worked all day today laying them out around the pond. He is going to be super sore tomorrow.

This is a little hidden surprise. I planted some more of the Mexican Heather, as it did so well in my first garden.

On the far side of the pond a decorative grass (seen on Right side) was planted and last weekend we planted a new Hibiscus bush (seen on left side)

We now have the waterfall bookended with 2 Pigmy date palms that seem to love the spot. Along with Pompus grass ruling over the head of the waterfall. Just to the right of the falls is another Hibiscus bush.

We have had a heck of a time keeping any grass growing in the back half of the yard. It looks green, but that is all weeds! UGH! Then when we pull them all, we have a bunch of dirt that gets tracked in with Sasha's paws, and Scott's treadbottom boots. Little dirt turds all over the dining room and office. AAACCKK! So today I came up with the idea of making paths. And leaving the green weeds inside the paths. The places that the weeds were pulled, I turned up the dirt and am going to try to come up with some plantings to make little gardens. I would LOVE LOVE to have some mounds, but have to learn how to keep the water from just running down and making mucky ditches around it. Dad, any idea's? After pulling up all the weeds, I am sure I will be as sore as Scott tomorrow.

Do I hear the spa calling?
Stay Tuned!