Thursday, September 23, 2010


This spot had an assortment of stepping stones, but at a width that was not a comfortable step for short-legged little 'ole me. So I repositioned them and added a few more. Much more pleasing to the eye and short legs. Back in 2008, while Scott was trying to regrow the grass, I placed a path, using Mulberry branches. The path has been evolving ever since. After awhile, we placed decorative bark into the path. Then we removed the branches and started placing stones along the path. Both of these options were driving Scott a little crazy when he tried to mow the yard.

The path is evolving again. I talked Scott into picking up some broken concrete, so I could place about the yard, making a grass and concrete path. My original idea was for around the pond, but then I thought of this idea and figured it would alleviate some of Scott's frustration.

Today I got about 1/2 way through with the path. Using up almost all the concrete we picked up. So back to craigslist to look for some more.

After the original path is completed, I would like to add a path to the spa also. And then plant grass between the stones, for a garden path. I am pretty pleased with the look of it.