Friday, May 27, 2011

Mystery Guest

While out weeding, I ran across this interesting guest. Since it looks like a vine, I decided to save it and see what grows. It would be an odd weed. As far as I recall, no plants were put there last year, about 3 yards away I had tried watermelon, but nothing fruited.  There is a lot of shade in the this area, so will be fun to see who it is.

 27 days later and tomatoes are growing nicely. A few blossoms are popping out.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Look Who Came to Visit?

After reading an article in a magazine about watching Amarylis grow in a vase at Christmas, I sent away for one. I took the bulb and vase to work and everyone enjoyed coming by my desk to see the progress of the growth. This Amarylis was called Dancing Queen, so we nicknamed her Abba. Each day, I would be asked, "How is Abba doing?" For the longest time she was just a long stalk, with a closed fist at the peak. There was a temptation to just cut her open. I remember that Christmas season fondly as it brought us co-workers a shared conversation peice. Abba did not bloom until the week after Christmas, but what a BEAUTY! Everyone was impressed. I brought her home and planted her into a pot and set her in the front garden. We havent seen her since. That was 3 jobs ago, back in 2008.
Yesterday, we received the surprise of this BEAUTIFUL bloom! I didnt even notice the stalk growing. I admit I feel like a negligent parent. But I am also enjoying the fond memories of her first Christmas and that last job, which I do miss often.

Also new in the yard this season: Four Cucumber plants. Last year the cucs were too close to the Zucchini and got crowded out. They did try to choke some of the Zucchini, and after the HUGE batch I ended up with, I wish they had succeeded with at least one of those plants (did I say that out loud? Oops!) This year, I got creative making a trellis from an old window that I refused to let Scott take to the dump, because I just KNEW that ONE day, I would be able to use it for something creative. Cucs.... meet.. CREATIVE!
 I ran out of room for planting, so moved to a different part of the yard. To the side of the spa is a nice long patch of area that seems to only want to grow weeds, not grass. So I cleaned out the weeds, and planted Yellow Crookneck Squash. Not that I need that much squash, but how could I pass up the deal, 4 plants for $1.99! Will be fun to see how this area grows.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Changes Everywhere!

Since the garden was moved, now we have a big blank slate of dirt. Oh what to do? Wait, I have a FRUGAL idea!

Use those FREE tiles Scott brought home from a job. Additional patio space! YES!

And a GREAT place to put the FREE Wicker Furniture Scott rescued for me.
How is THAT for a Frugal Space?


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Salsa Garden on the way

Started planting the tomatoes this weekend. They were on sale at Lowes, 2 for $1, Celebrity and Early Girl. So I bought 3 of each.
 We moved the planter box from it's old location, as DH thinks there was not enough sun. This spot seems pretty sunny. It gets sun from noon until evening.
 Pretty Start!

 Also got a good deal on a Lime Tree. Already smells good. Will have to be patient and wait for fruit next year.
I held off harvesting the Meyers Lemons this year. It was just never warm enough to make Lemonaid. DH told me the brances were almost touching the ground, they were so heavy. So had him pull off half of them. They filled the sink!
 They were HUGE! But there was also a thick rind. After trying to juice 1/4 of them, I gave up, and went out and bought a juicer. I am in LOVE! It zipped through those babies. Now we have half a gallon of Lemon juice to make lemonaid on demand! YAH!  :-)
Garlic is still going strong. The peppers continued to fruit throughout the winter, so we are going to wait and see what happens this summer. Maybe plant a few more along with some sweet peppers.

Cant wait for summer!