Friday, June 17, 2011

The Reveal

Remember when we started?

I was the inspiration for this nifty gadget to hold the spa lid when spa is being used.

Our new new oasis!

Step inside and check it out...
Tonite we CELEBRATE!

Proud Mama

The babies are arriving! Arent they cute!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

News Worthy?

The strawberries are ripening, but the pill bugs munch into them before I can pluck them. UGH!
So read about some different suggestions, one discussed using a weed barrier. So trying the old newspaper trick. I cut slices in the center of the paper, gathered the plant and brought it through the center. Now the berries are laying on the paper, not the ground.
 One theory mentioned in my many readings, was that the pill bugs will only eat them if they are laying directly on the ground, they wont climb up the plant to get to them, so a few other plants, I moved the unripened berries to lay on top of a leaf.
Experimenting to see what works best. Shall we start a wager?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pond Guest 2011

Back in 2009 Rumplestillskin came to visit us. Remember him?

I hear that the lifespan of a dragonfly is not very long and of course we havent seen him since, but we have new visitors each year.

Today I ran across this guy.

He was actually sitting in the grass and didnt move when I came near. So I grabbed a stick and he crawled onto it, so I could show him to Scott. Then he flew off, sort of crooked into a plant on the other side of the yard. So I got him on the stick again, and took him over to the pond, as he flew off, swooping over the pond, I cheered, until he landed in the water, just below the water fall and began to just float. OH NO!! Do dragonfly's swim? I dont know, but he wasnt moving around. So I ran around to the other side, leaned over as far as I could (Am I REALLY doing this for a dragonfly?) and sent a stick to save him. He grabbed on, and I brought him up to a rock. I am guessing he is an old DF and maybe on the last of his flights.

I love my new camera, I can get in close so you can see him. There is a baby dragonfly on the other side of the rock. He keeps raising his tail, I assume, trying to fly, and hasnt gotten far. We have lots of these around the pond right now.

Did You Know...

I bet you didnt know that today is:
Yep, truly it is. Read how to celebrate it here!

And ironically, without knowing this, DH had already promised to start on the deck for the spa today. So, without further adu...
 The Beginning

Don't forget the BEFORE shot.